Earlier this year, the wooden escalators that had been at Wynyard Station since 1931 were removed.

Instead of dumping them near the Tempe IKEA, as is customary with our city’s historical landmarks, the timber escalators have instead been transformed into the weirdest piece of public art our city has commissioned since the Opera House.

Interloop was created by artist Chris Fox out of more than fifty metres of material, and hangs from the station ceiling: a twisted, hovering mindfuck. Where does it lead? To the past? To the future?

Fox’s website explains that Interloop “explores the idea that people are stationary on an escalator whilst also travelling, allowing for a moment of pause that occurs mid-motion. The sculpture resonates with people in this state, referencing all those journeys that have passed and are now interlooping back.”

It weighs five tonnes too, so let’s hope Fox fastened it to the roof using the big, strong bolts.

Check out pictures, below.

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