“Would you like fries with that?”

“And would you like those fries to be cooked in a bulb-coloured translucent cube hanging five metres above us?”

“And once those fries are made to order, would you like the cook to place them in a conveyor belt harness contraption and lower them down to us, like a reverse Westpac Rescue Helicopter mission?”

These questions will all become second nature to anyone frequenting the psychedelic new McDonald’s at Sydney Airport, which made the most of its limited space by building upwards, with a floating kitchen in the sky, and servers dealing with food moving down conveyor belts like those heady ’50s factory days.

Check out the below video of it all in action. It’s certainly the most interesting McDonald’s outside of the one on King Street, Newcastle – ‘cos there are loads of drunken fights there, and that’s very interesting too. No conveyor belts though.

There’s no earthly way of knowing…

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