It was a dark and stormy morning at the SCG on the second day of the Australian test match VS South Africa.

The kind of day where the wind howled through the streets, and into the stadium.

As I sat huddled in my seat, trying to stay warm, I could not have foreseen that at lunch time, I would discover one of the greatest crimes to have ever been committed against the Australian people. A crime so heinous, so revolting, that it left a sour (unsweetened) taste in my mouth and a sense of outrage in my heart.

At lunch, I ordered a $6 pie, and was charged an extra $2 for sauce.

Is charging $2 for sauce normal in Australia now? Hell no, I did the research.

What is the normal price to charge for sauce in Australia?

Most places and even other stadiums charge 40c for sauce. Special hate goes to Bondi Road Seafood who charges $4 for sauce on Uber Eats, but for the most part, Australian prices across the country are reasonable;

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  1. Bondi Road Seafood: $2.00 for sauce in the shop, $4.00 for the same sauce if you order with UBER Eats!
  2. Costi Seafood: $1.50 
  3. Brumby’s Bakery: 50 cents
  4. Ampol Woolworths MetroGo: 50 cents
  5. Foodary: 50 cents
  6. GMHBA Stadium, AAMI Park, Melbourne: 40 cents
  7. Suncorp Stadium, The Gabba, Brisbane: 40 cents
  8. Metricon Stadium, Gold Coast: 40 cents
  9. Adelaide Showground, Adelaide: 40 cents

So where does the S.C.G. get off charging $2 for sauce? This is nothing short of hostile, and an act of war on Sydney sports fans.


Just because S.C.G. has declared war on Sydney sports fans, it does not mean that The Brag is encouraging, or asking anyone to steal sauce from the S.C.G. Stealing overpriced sauce is illegal, it is wrong, and has no place in a civil society.

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