If you’re thinking of taking your kids to the Sydney Family Show at Moore Park this Easter weekend, stab yourself in the eye with a pen, it will be more pleasant.


We pre-bought tickets for a dedicated entry time and still had to wait for an hour to be let into the venue. This is not the line for a ride, this is the line to get in.


We paid some cash to be part of an Easter egg hunt, we were given buckets for the hunt on entry. No one could tell us where to do it or how to find eggs, so I took the buckets back and said “Hey can I swap the buckets out for some more ride tickets or get a refund?”

They said no, the girl at the counter responded “How do I know you didn’t find the eggs and eat them already? And the fact you don’t have your egg hunt tickets makes me think you have done just that.”

I said, “Wait, we were suppose to get egg hunt tickets?” She replied “Don’t play dumb sir, you’re lying.”

Turns out even if we found the Easter hunt section we wouldn’t have been allowed in without that ticket we didn’t get.


Paid $60 for 2x unlimited ride passes for both our kids. The passes lasted 3 hours but we got them an hour late, so we could only use them for 2 hours.

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The lines were so big that in those 2 hours we only got 4 rides in. Cool.


Frustrated by long lines to get into the show, long lines when we got in, terrible ride ticketing system and unhelpful staff – all around the park I could see parents snapping it at their kids, and kids losing their mind as they were justifiably annoyed they couldn’t go on rides.

The Sydney Family Show at Moore Park is like a carnival without any of the charm, 3x the price, staff which hate being there (like the parents and kids I guess) and massive massive lines.

Amateur hour.

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