Nationally adored idiots Hamish and Andy are set to drop a brand new travel show. Perfect Holiday, will grace our TV’s in the coming weeks and oh boy, does it look like a masterclass in poor decision making.

The show will follow Hamish and Andy as they make their way across America. The kicker to the whole shebang is that Hamish has planned one half of the trip, and Andy the other. Of course, neither know what is on each other’s itinerary. It’s destined to be completely cooked and we absolutely can not wait.

“It’ll still be us making each other eat weird things, pushing each other into swamps and stuff, but the format is like, we know the route we’re travelling but every alternating day I’ll plan a day for Andy and then the next day he plans the day,” Hamish revealed to Kyle and Jackie O. “There’s some genuine, great adventures that I think I’ve got us organised to go on, but it will be a lot of fun.”

The show is set to air on Nine. An official release date for the program is yet to be announced, but we reckon it’ll drop within the next three weeks. Check out the trailer for Perfect Holiday below.

Watch: Hamish & Andy – Perfect Holiday Trailer