Even if you know very little about the art of sportsball, you can still get thoroughly invested in irrational hatred for another nation, for that is an innate human trait that goes back thousands of years.

But, if you’re not quite sure where to direct your hatred, then the below guide will help you. Or TL;DR – the French. Always the French.

REASON 1: They love adultery

France might be the land of romance, but often this happens outside of the bounds of marriage. Want proof? Check the below clip in which Gus and Rig explain how every President since Charles de Gaulle has been rumoured or proven to have had mistresses. Sacré bleu!

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REASON 2: Olivier Giroud’s hypocrisy

If there’s one soccer-related reason to hate France then it is most definitely forward Oliver Giroud, who is a prolific goal-scoring on and off the field: marrying a model, displaying his commitment to her and her Christianity by getting a Bible verse tattooed on his biceps, then promptly cheating on her!

When he was outed, he issued a teary public apology to his wife – but then 180’d and denied the whole thing.

Check Gus and Rig’s take, below.

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REASON 3: The liberal use of blackface

Take French forward Antoine Griezmann as an example.

He went to a party in 2017, which was ’80s themed. As Gus and Rig explain below, Griezmann decided to go as a Harlem Globetrotter, and put the results on Instagram… You can guess the rest.

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