Star Wars is one of the most popular franchises in media and with the sheer amount of content it has, there are some truly bizarre moments.

A recent Tweet about a bizarre EU coming in which Jar Jar Bink’s parents are stranded on an island prompted a discussion about some of the weirdest and wildest moments in Star Wars history. We gathered five moments that we thought were particularly wild and one of the conversations that branched from the larger discussion, which touched on context and how good/bad the EU really was.

Find the entire thread below:

Jar Jar Bink’s father has a crisis

“Jar Jar Binks’ father, George R. Binks, attempts suicide after being stranded on a remote island (2004)”

“His wife wouldn’t let him get rid of Jar Jar so he tried to get rid of himself”

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A conversation on EU context

“For people who never read the EU, see snippets like this, and then think “holy shit, the EU sucked” This was literally from a “what-ifs” parody comic that was non-canon to the EU. Akin to Lego Star Wars.”

“Many of the examples on this page are taken grossly out of context, and its frustrating to see people decide “the EU was shit” from one off examples that were non-canon, or out of context, or use these examples as a means to dismiss the EU.”

“The eu is full of dumb garbage tho. R5-D4 canonically was force sensitive in the eu& purposefully blew out his own motivator because he knew Luke &r2 needed to meet.That shit is dumb,&they made all the same mistakes current canon did like resurrecting palpetine over and over.”

Palpatine bows down to “The ruler of the entire universe” Jar Jar Binks

“Star Wars Tales #20 is the peak of the franchise.”

Boba Fett on premarital sex

“Boba Fett states his opinion on premarital sex (1996)”

Palpatine puts Han Solo on trial for shooting Greedo first

“Yep, The Tales Anthology series. Those books had strips like the story of Han on trial for the murder of Greedo and him manufacturing evidence of greedo shooting first.”

Resistance members shit themselves at a wedding

“Resistance members rip-ass at a wedding. (Join the Resistance: Escape from Vodran: 2017)”

Chewbacca’s dad watches VR porn

“Chewbacca’s dad watches VR porn (1978)”

Yoda drops the Death Star on Palpatine’s dome

“That Star Wars EU comic where Yoda just drops the entire death star onto Palpatine in the most big dick move imaginable”

Indiana Jones finds Han Solo’s corpse crash-landed on Earth

“Han Solo is killed by natives after crash landing on Earth, his body being discovered by Indiana Jones years later (2004)”

C-3PO strips for Anakin and Padme

“C-3PO gives Anakin a strip tease (2003)”

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