Remember when the new plastic $5 notes came into circulation last year and were immediately rejected by most vending machines which, it would appear, weren’t future-proof?

Well, the Reserve Bank has today released a new plastic-y $10 into the wild, which they assure Australians will have no problem successfully inserting into their favourite Smith’s chips machine. It’ll even fit the Mars machine.

“The launch of the new $10 banknote is a milestone in our program to deliver Australians banknotes at the cutting edge in terms of security against counterfeiting,” RBA Governor Philip Lowe said in a statement, which we can only assume he bellowed through a megaphone from the roof of the National Mint.

“I am pleased that people will start to see the new $10 entering their wallets and pockets, and that it continues the tradition of celebrating two of Australia’s most prominent writers.”

The writers he mentions are Dame Mary Gilmore and Banjo Paterson – with Paul Jennings left off the note, yet again.

As for businesses with vending machines that reject the notes, well, it’s basically a case of keep up or risk annoying staff at venues who will have to exchange the notes several times a day.

“Ultimately, it is a decision for individual businesses to determine if and when they make the necessary adjustments”, Lowe explains. “The Reserve Bank encourages all owners of banknote handling equipment to upgrade their machines so that their customers can use the new, more secure banknotes.”

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