A new House of the Dragon theory which ties Larys Strong to being a Greenseer could change how every interaction is seen moving forward.

House of the Dragon Episode 5 SPOILERS

For those that have been watching House of the Dragon, you may have noticed a certain character has been making moves similar to that of Game of Thrones‘ Varys or Littlefinger (Littlefinger + Varys = Larys). Larys Strong has been moving silently in the background, observing, listening, waiting for the perfect moments to give the slightest nudge that sets the boulder rolling down the hill.

After Episode 5, some people are beginning to suspect that Larys may be a Greenseer. A Greenseer in the Game of Thrones universe is someone who is born with the ability to perceive future, past, or present events through prophetic dreams and can see things through the eyes of Weirwood trees.

This ability is similar to that of the Three-Eyed Raven, although that is more of a title given to exceptionally skilled Greenseers, such as Bran Stark, who are specifically trained in a multitude of abilities deriving from the Children of the Forest. Essentially, Greenseers are a tier below Three-Eyed Ravens in terms of ability.

Many with Greenseer powers that have been shown in the GoT universe have been physically disabled people, such as Larys, who has a clubfoot.

In King’s Landing, in George RR Martin’s books, and even in the Game of Thrones TV show, there’s no mention of a Weirwood tree in King’s Landing, most of the ones in South Westeros were cut down by the Andals far before King’s Landing was built, which wasn’t until after Aegon’s Conquest, and after he burnt down the Aegonfort, yet, House of the Dragon has added one. Why would they do this? The payoff I see is someone has to be using it, which then leads to it later being cut down.

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When Alicent confronted Rhaenyra about the night of Daemon’s return, it was in front of the Weirdwood tree, other important conversations have happened in front of the tree, and through the show so far, we have seen a ton of shots of rats lurking about.

How did Larys know about the tea sent to Rhaenyra’s room at the end of Episode 4? Is it because he has spies? Or is it possible that he was the one who sent it? We never saw Viserys acknowledge that he sent the tea in E5, and in Game of Thrones lore it’s been a thing to send tea to high-born women to cause conspiracies and rumors of them being unfaithful

Why would he do it? That remains to be seen. How would he know about it to begin with? Again, outside of spies, it could be that Larys Strong is actually a Greenseer

With Larys, there’s no hard evidence yet. Even in the book Fire & Blood, there’s no mention of him being a Greenseer, but as we’ve seen in the show, like Aegon’s vision, they are revealing mystical details that weren’t in the book, but there’s something in his background that could hint at this.

Strong’s lineage traces back to the First Men and he grew up in Harrenhal, which sits on the Gods Eye, the largest body of water in Westeros. In the middle of that lake is the Isle of Faces, a very sacred place where the pact between the First Men and Children of the Forest was made- and it’s full of Weirwood trees.

Larys is the kind of person who would find huge interest in the history of that, and in my opinion, would explore any possibility of him being able to have abilities. This guy knows he’s not beating anyone with his physicality, he has a clubfoot, so using his mind is what was always going to give him an edge. Keeping a secret like this might be exactly that— his hidden dagger, his edge.

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