The Other Side makes Tonight Alive a perfect match for Paramore lovers everywhere.

Since the release of their debut album What Are You So Scared Of? in 2011, Sydney’s Tonight Alive have been building a name for themselves.

Now they’re back with another LP, and it’s no surprise the band have been compared to the likes of Paramore, thanks to a lineup that allows fans to reminisce on the olden days of the now-threesome, and a pop rock sound that also draws familiar tones to the early Paramore records.

Despite these similarities, in a genre where many bands struggle not to sound the same as the rest it is Tonight Alive’s growth that allows them to stand out from the pack. This is instantly noticeable in ‘The Ocean’, which launches straight into a guitar-filled beat and shows you what Jenna McDougall’s voice can do.

With the usual lull in the middle as the slower songs kick in, things are sparked up in ‘The Fire’ (no pun intended) and the guitars and rock are back with a much-needed bang.

Then, just when you think they’re going to leave us on a slower note with ‘You Don’t Owe Me Anything’, it turns into one of those songs with a nice slow build, and rather leaves us on a high, waiting for more.

While McDougall showcases her wide vocal range throughout, and there is plenty of variation between constant pop rock (‘Lonely Girl’), sombre songs (‘Don’t Wish’) and inspirational beats (‘Hell And Back’), there still seems to be room for the band to really show their individuality.

Definitely expect more from them in the years to come.

4/5 stars


The Other Side is out now through Fearless/Sony records

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