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Top 6 survival games to play while you wait for a PS5

Still waiting to get your hands on a PlayStation 5? Here are six of the best survival games to play again while you wait.

fallout and minecraft survival games

Still waiting to get your hands on a PS5? Here are six of the best survival games to play again while you wait.

6. Minecraft

Survival mode… players must collect resources, build and survive their world. Your goal is to defeat Ender Dragon and the wither…. AT NIGHT. Sandbox mode to the extreme with little to no direction, it is your creativity and ingenuity that will yield success. Quirky and simple, Minecraft is a game where your imagination will be your greatest resource.

minecraft survival game

5. Days Gone

Deacon St. John is a badass outlaw biker still on the lookout for his wife Sarah after the outbreak happened two years ago when she was taken to safety by NERO (National Emergency Restoration Organization) which you later find out is overrun by ‘freakers’ aka… zombies. Days Gone is Sons of Anarchy meets zombies.

daysgone survival game

4. Dead Rising

Using anything you class as a weapon or hell, just make one yourself, the Dead Rising series is a heck of a lot of fun. From an axe to a bit of fruit, you fight your way through zombies in a series of locations. The game story works in a 72-hour clock, you follow Frank in his three-day adventure in Willamette, helping trapped survivors, while you’re trying to stay alive you’re also trying to uncover the truth behind the incident. With several additional endings if you don’t complete certain conditions towards the true ending.

deadrising survival game

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3. Fallout (series)

If you’re a fan of the post-war culture of the 1950s with the combinations of technology and the fear of nuclear annihilation, then fallout is definitely there for you. An open-world survival game, either choosing your side or jumping between so you get the best upgrades, character creation and statistics system aka SPECIAL. Feral ghouls, glowing ones, mutated bugs/animals, super mutants, deathclaws, then you have the people – basically if they don’t like you or think you’re food, they will kill you.

fallout survival game

2. Resident Evil (series)

Resident Evil games have always been a favourite zombie game since 1996, a survival horror game, third-person shooter and first-person. With the primary battle against the Umbrella Corporation, a pharmaceutical company that develops the T-Virus and their select ‘bio-organic weapons’ research. Because when you add rich-crazed people and science together, it always works out… Then we get humans transforming into zombies as well as mutated animals and plants into horrifying monsters. Overall, just a good time.

Resident evil survival game

1. Last Of Us

Naughty Dog, you had us at mutant Cordycep Fungus. A (somewhat of a father-daughter) story of Joel and Ellie working together to survive across the country to find a possible cure for this modern fungal plague that has decimated the entire human race.

For a PS3 game, the art design is outstanding, to say the least, you can’t help but to just stop and look around at every single detail that they have spent time to create. Now with part 2 (and new patches for the PS5), it’s a beautiful take on how the end of the world might happen. At least you’ll have time to enjoy the scenery before we are all doomed. Once again, let us get lost in the moment.

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