A speed boat that was commuting tourists from the holiday island of Nusa Penida to the Bali area Sanur has capsized and sunk.

The ship sank yesterday at around 5:30 pm and was carrying six crew members and 23 passengers. Fortunately, everyone was rescued and no injuries were recorded.

The Nusa Penida to Sanur route generally takes about 40 minutes total and is a popular one that departs multiple times a time.

According to Bali Tribun, it’s likely that bad weather in Bali caused strong water to hit the hull of the ship. The publication said, “there is a strong possibility that this is what caused the ship to leak and slowly capsize and then sink.”

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“ The weather is extreme, the waves are big, the wind is also strong,” One of the officers from the SAR Arjuna Rescue 115 told the publication.

Nusa Penida has risen in popularity for tourists in recent years and is where the ‘Instagram hotposts’ Keling Keling Beach and Angel’s Billabong are located. The island is located just metres from neighbouring island of Nusa Lembongan – which is a very popular spot for tourists.

Australians who have had rough journey’s between Bali and Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida have taken to Facebook to share their own experiences in light of the boat capsizing.

“My husband and I had the most terrifying ride of our life going over to Lembongan in 2019- unfortunately it was the first and last time we will ever go there – most beautiful place – but OMG this was almost us!! If my husband wasn’t a marine engineer it would have been us!!! Sitting at the airport a few days later – news broadcast of 2 people who died of the same waters with capsized boat!! There really needs to be better standards,” one woman wrote.

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