The legendary musician and artist Price died overnight aged 57 at his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota.

As always, Barack Obama summed it up nicely when he called Prince “a creative icon”.

From the late 1970s, Prince reflected the changing landscape of rock music – melding rock, blues, funk, jazz, soul and psychedelic pop. He was in front of the pack every time. That he was a singer, songwriter, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and producer meant he was able to create a vision that was uniquely his own.

He leaves behind a catalogue of sexy, dirty, rock-out, dance-in and romantic songs through close to 40 albums, and a history of mind-bending three-hour live shows, whether they were scheduled arena concerts or late-night jams in clubs where he paid tribute to the music of the icons who inspired him to write his first song at the age of seven.

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