If you’re a Twitch streamer and you’ve been losing subscribers by the bucketload, now you’ll be able to find out just why everyone’s leaving your channel.

Thanks to the latest update to the platform’s streaming service, streamers will be allowed to see why people did not continue a subscription to their channel.

Although Twitch is free to watch, viewers who want to support their favourite creators can subscribe to their channel for a small monthly fee. When viewers do this, they’re automatically signed up to auto-renew each month. If they then wish to cancel this, they must provide a reason for doing so.

That’s where the new change comes in: now, streamers will be allowed to access this data from their creator dashboard. Depending on your outlook, this is either a positive development or a huge invasion of privacy.

Some streamers have insisted that it could be harmful to discover the true reason a subscriber decided to leave; others thought it could reveal unfortunate reasons for a cancellation, including a person not being able to afford a subscription anymore.

Current reasons a viewer can provide for cancellation include the following: financial reasons, the desire to subscribe manually, change in the streamer’s schedule, or poor interaction with a streamer. Twitch then displays the number of people who chose each of those options as a percentage of the total.

This is just one of a number of changes Twitch has been adding recently. The platform has also added emotes for people who follow the stream but don’t actually subscribe, as well as the ability to flag users who a streamer believes are attempting to evade bans or are generally acting suspicious (this one unequivocally seems like a positive move).

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