Twitter is collectively throwing up in its mouth as Dane Cook gets engaged to 23-year-old Kelsi Taylor who he’s known for over five years.

Twitter is reacting to 50-year-old Dane Cook and 23-year-old Kelsi Taylor recently getting engaged. The couple began dating 5 years ago when Kelsi was 18. They met and were “friends” a couple of years before that when Taylor came over to Cook’s house for a “game night” he hosted.

After the two’s recent engagement, Twitter immediately took notice and began questioning the situation. Dane Cook doesn’t seem to be afraid of speaking about the relationship, as he made some very interesting jokes while on Jimmy Kimmel 3 years ago when Taylor was 20 years old.

“I love her,” Cook told Kimmel back in 2019. “She’s the kindest, sweetest, just my favorite, my best friend. And sometimes I actually find myself saying like, ‘Where has she been all my life?’ And then I realize she wasn’t alive for the first 26 years of it.”

He continued: “People are like, ‘You’re robbing the cradle.’ I was like, ‘She hasn’t slept in the cradle for like nine years. Relax.””

For Twitter’s reactions to the couple’s engagement, check below.

“Dane Cook, 50, engaged to longtime love Kelsi Taylor, 23

“Why are celebrities incapable of marrying people closer to their own age? This guy is complete creep he was 45 and she was 18 when they ‘began dating’.”

“Any admonition for the 18 year old pretty clearly going after him for his money?”

“man i see what you was trynna do but a quick search wouldve told you they started seeing each other when she was 15, dude shouldve been in jail from that point, no blame is on her”

“This isn’t a celebrities thing but a side effect of power, high social standings allowing folks to make choices that would otherwise be scrutinized by a greater community. Many powerful people celebrity or not take advantage of this”

“5 years so she was 18. Sounds suspiciously like someone was waiting for a legal milestone to me”

“They met when she was 15 but started dating when she hit 18. Riiiight.”

“well I hope longtime isn’t any longer than 5 years”

“Right on the dot”

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