Twitter has begun suspending accounts that are using a spaces link that drives viral engagement in their Tweets.

Twitter is now suspending accounts that are using a viral spaces link that promotes their Tweets. Many users have been abusing this link and putting it under unrelated Tweets. Some accounts are even going back to old viral Tweets, ripping their content, and using the link to go viral again.

“Twitter is suspending accounts that use the viral spaces link”

Under the initial Tweet from @CultureCrave an account pointed out an abuser of the link that has seen much success over the exploit. The account that used the link took old Tweets that had previously gone viral and added the link to get further engagement and went viral again.

“this guy needs to go first”

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Culture Crave then responded with a screenshot of the account being suspended to the comment section’s rejoice.

“He’s in the mud rn”

One person asked about how the links work and stated their confusion on the matter.

“I was confused ab those, I kept seeing them on viral tweets”

Culture Crave once again responded and gave a short summary of how the exploit works.

“Twitter has been mad pushing spaces, so tweets with a link in it get extra amplification. Most of the viral ones were recycled content”

Memes were in full force in the comment section of the original post and this one from Spider-Man: Far From Home captured the essence of the situation quite well.

More confusion.

“Those tweets with space links are irritating, but suspending them makes no sense. What reason would twitter give for it? Instead they should work on their your algorithm”

“Could you explain just WTF they space links are? Twitter blew up with this while I was at work, and now I can’t find out any info about it, just people mad as hell.”

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