Just days after the murder of another Victorian woman, a lists have surfaced online which providing predators with a ‘how-to’ guide in regards to singling out and approaching women in Australian cities.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that 25-year-old Courtney Herron had been found murdered in a park in Melbourne’s north.

Although police have since arrested 27-year-old accused killer Henry Hammond in connection with her slaying, the Counting Dead Women project notes that Herron’s death marks the 20th woman killed in Australia at the hands of men this year.

While this already highlights a dangerous trend within the country, a list has begun circulating the internet highlighting the places and methods that men can use to approach and single out women within Melbourne.


Highlighted by Aussie musician Kira Puru on Twitter today, the list originated on a forum back in 2017, which serves as a platform for those who follow and subscribe to the ideologies of controversial “pickup artist” Roosh V.

Roosh V (whose real name is Daryush Valizadeh), is known for his Return Of Kings website, and has repeatedly come under fire in the past for his controversial views which not only promote rape, but also heavily touch upon misogyny and antisemitism.

To provide an example of the sort of beliefs that Roosh V holds, the biography on his website includes a manifesto that features entries that note “a woman’s value significantly depends on her fertility and beauty,” and that “a man’s value significantly depends on his resources, intellect, and character.”

The list in question – which was first published at the end of 2017, and follows another that was published back in 2011 – is part of a section on the forum titled ‘Travel’, which provides subscribers not only a list of places around the world in which it is easiest to approach women, but rates the women on a scale of attractiveness and how likely a successful approach would be.

Check out footage of Roosh V in the news:

“This is a carefully curated list of places in the Melbourne CBD where you can approach women during the day,” the post begins. “The datasheet is based on my personal experiences living in the CBD from 2016-2017, weighted more heavily towards the second half of 2017.”

Noting that Melbourne Central Woolworths and the Professors Walk Café at the University of Melbourne are the best “daygame venues”, the author of the list explains this is due to “the consistent high turnover rate (and hence quantity) of solo girls 5/10 and above, and the logistical setup making it very easy/natural to open/approach girls.”

“We know game is a numbers game and hence these venues allow you to approach a large quantity of girls in a short amount of time,” they write. “I have included other venues for the sake of variety and in the event that these venues become saturated with men (wink).”

Rating the University of Melbourne café as a “5.6/10”, the author advises readers to sit near an area were customers wait for drinks and approach them then. “Otherwise when a girl you like is near the water refill station go get a glass and casually open her,” they write.

“You essentially have access to all girls that enter this venue using the tactic aforementioned, and the turnover rate is incredibly high,” the list reads. “Staff play music that makes it difficult for people to eavesdrop on your conversation if that is something that bothers you.”

“My top pick for passive daygame during university semesters. I love this place.”

Check out footage of Roosh V in the news:

The list, which spans almost 2,000 words and even features a flowchart, has been commented on numerous times by others sharing their own experiences, as well as providing further tips on seeking out women of varying ethnicities.

Amazingly though, this is not the only list available, with cities all over the world receiving these sickening guides, and Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Launceston all serving as the focus for tips from followers of Roosh V.

While a planned trip to Australia in 2016 was cancelled, it’s sickening to know that followers of Roosh V not only exist in this country, but that they have taken it upon themselves to impart their wisdom to others on how to approach and single out women for their own selfish and potentially dangerous causes.

As Kira Puru urged people in her recent Tweet; “Please be careful. Cis men — call this out. Stand against it. Be better.”

Check out an example of Roosh V’s videos:


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