Reviewed onFriday December 2

Uniting like it was 2003 all over again, scene kids of days gone by descended en masse on the Enmore Theatre, ready to unleash their inner emos.

Storm The Sky may have seemed an odd choice to support The Used, given their contrasting sounds, but despite their name they were the calm before the hurricane. Performing a gentler setlist than on their last appearance in Sydney, Storm The Sky moved onstage like they were in a music video – fluid and graceful, lost in the motions of their music.

Even when the sound was tinny and biting on the ears, they were still beautiful to watch – it saved a performance in which plenty of time was spent fiddling with pedals, bassist Benny Craib a serial offender. It was a good thing the backing lyrics were on screen for the their final song, because while Andy Szetho’s lips were moving to some pivotal lyrics, he was too faint to hear.

The screaming, oh, the screaming! It was pandemonium as The Used appeared, sirens wailing and the stage ablaze with lights. As ‘The Taste Of Ink’ opened, frontman Bert McCracken – holding his hands to his chest appreciatively – got the crowd all worked up, thanking the audience for being present to mark the 15th anniversary of their self-titled album.

“If you believe like I believe that music has the power to save this fucking planet, then put your hands in the air right now!” Powerful words elicited a powerful reaction as ‘Bulimic’ erupted, the fans obediently obliging as The Used showed no sign of going easy on the Sydney crowd.

Dedicating ‘Poetic Tragedy’ to his daughter Cleo, who joined him onstage, McCracken had fans gushing and cooing with their phones out to capture a moving gesture that only solidified the levels of appreciation and gratitude The Used have for their fans.

If you were at The Used on Friday night and intended on hitting the gym this week, don’t bother – your arms have had their workout, raised up high and clapping all night long.