It’s like the universe is daring us to give up. In news that has pushed me closer to the edge, a car spot on Macleay Street in Potts Point has sold for a hope-shattering price.

Laing + Simmons real estate described the ‘Car Space in the heart of Potts Point’ as a huge opportunity. A huge opportunity for what escapes me? A once-in-a-lifetime chance to securely park your car in the same spot every day? Don’t promise me it all.

“An opportunity exists to purchase an easy access, undercover, secure car space, positioned on the entry-level within Macleay Apartments; giving its owner additionally, the use of the outdoor swimming pool,” the listing reads.

“Macleay Apartments sits in the heart of cosmopolitan Potts Point, adjacent to Woolworths, in one of Sydney’s most desirable precincts and walking distance to the CBD.”

So how much did this cosmopolitan slab of concrete sell for? a humble $225,000. Like literally nothing about this makes any sense to me. Why do you need a car spot? If you’ve got a quarter of a mil to blow on a parking spot why don’t you just like… take Uber Lux everywhere.

As report, Real Estate agent Silvia Vital,  who sold the spot, claims a sale of this magnitude is very common in Potts Point.

“We work the Potts Point area, and in Potts Point would probably be the most premium priced car spaces. This is mainly because a lot of the Art Deco apartments don’t have car spaces … and it’s the most densely populated suburb in Australia,” she said.

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“So, with lots of buildings without car spaces and not much parking on the street available, people are prepared to pay a high price for a car space in a nearby building. “They range from about $90,000 through to $260,000 depending on size, location, ease of getting in and out.”

Silvia explained that this particular $225,000 (every time I write that figure I feel a shortness of breath) spot was purchased by a man who recently bought an apartment across the road.

Whoever that man is, if you’re reading this I live in Potts Point and am incredibly single. I have the body of Sofía Vergara, the intellect of Žižek, the grace of Ingrid Bergman, the sex appeal of Ben Mendelshon. Truly. All of it. Hit my line.

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