Summer is slowly inching its way in, and the weather is turning hotter. And this year, us vegos aren’t going be left wanting. We’re prepared to throw the best vego BBQ ever with some plant-based goodness.

I’ve been vego for nearly 15 years, and let me tell you – this is one thing that gets better with age. When I first became vegetarian, there weren’t hardly any plant-based meats on the scene. And, if I went to a BBQ with my family or my mates, more often than not I was tucking into some sad looking hotdog bun with only some barbecue sauce spread over.

But, 2021 is an entirely different game, and there are plant-based meat replacements aplenty, and I’m ready to kick off this BBQ season by throwing an all vego BBQ that will even make my “I’m a meat and potatoes man” uncle concede to the fact that being either vegetarian or vegan is actually still pretty delicious.

So, are you ready to impress your friends with your all-vego BBQ? Here are our top five picks for the perfect summer get together.

1. Beyond Meat Plant-Based Patties:


No BBQ is ever complete without good ol’ hamburgers, but don’t even think about buying the cheap-o black bean burgers, or the ones that look like they area medley of vegetables just scrapped together into something that kinda resembles a patty-like shape. Instead, beef it up with Beyond Meat’s beef-less patties.

If you’ve yet to try these, you’re in for a treat. The first time I tucked into them, I actually had to check toe packaging to make sure that they were indeed meatless, because they certainly had me stumped.

2. Sophie’s Kitchen Breaded Vegan Shrimp


If you’re throwing a BBQ in Australia, you certainly can’t forget the prawns – I mean, c’mon, you’ve gotta appease the Americans with their damn quoting of “shrimp on the barbie”. But to keep things cruelty-free at your vego BBQ, Sophie’s Kitchen is where it’s at.

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Served up with just the right amount of crunch with a golden breaded coating, these prawns will make you think you’re at the seaside from your own backyard.

3. NEXT!’s line of plant-based chicken and bacon


Perfect for some skewers, NEXT! creates some of the best plant-based chicken on offer. Usually, I get a bit particular about fake chicken, but this one had me blown away with the likeness, and completely fooled my non-vego partner.

For the ultimate experience, wrap some of the chick’n chunks in the “bacon”, slather them with some marinade, and chuck them on the barbecue.

4. Gardien’s line of plant-based meats


Need a bit more to round out your vego BBQ? Gardein has a heap and a half of options on offer. You could be serving up plant-based versions of chicken, fish, and beef.

Want to get a bit creative? In addition to have the usual fares on offer, you could mix it up and get your vego taco night on, and serve up some fishless filet tacos and use their beef-less ground to make some traditional tacos.

5. Just. Mayo and their line of vegan sauces


Of course, no BBQ (not even a vego BBQ) is complete without all the sauces and trimmings so everyone can customise their eats as much as possible. This is where Just. Mayo comes into play.

From regular mayo to some infused with chipotle and garlic, and boasting some ranch and caesar, these sauces are just the perfect finish for your meal plan.

Keen to find all the goodies for your vego BBQ? Hit up Future Farm Co. and find all the delicious vego options on offer.