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The Suburban Bukowskis & The Legendary Sea Apes 17th of February 2018, 08:00pm
Mona is a punk rocker

Some hero has organised a mosh pit in front of the Mona Lisa

Art appreciation can be a stuffy field, but an upcoming event aims to bring the medium to a rockin’ new...

A young female music festival-goer enjoys the music

Why music festivals can be good for your mental health

Given festivals can be a noxious cocktail of loud music, intense physical activity, excessive alcohol consumption and poor sleep, perhaps...

Eat, sleep, play guitar: life according to Dragonforce’s Herman Li

"I eat, sleep and play: that was the only three things I did.

A history of skate punk in eight essential bands

It’s easy to get academic when talking about skate punk and skater rock; to focus on definitions and trends and...

Are encores becoming a thing of the past? A brief history of concert encores, 1600-now

Encores have become so commonplace in live music these days that they're more like expected finales than spontaneous conclusions to...

The Living End Flirted With Family Friendly Pop At An Odd Taronga Zoo Show

“Let’s give thanks to the weather gods for making the rain stop,” cracked The Living End’s frontman Chris Cheney partway...

Red Sea

Sydney’s Red Sea is a band destined for the national spotlight.

“Boys Are Not More Entitled To Music Than You Are”: Camp Cope On Violence At Gigs

Trigger warning: this article contains discussion of physical and sexual assault.

Health @ Oxford Art Factory

Reviewed on Monday February 8 Music is a disease with a positive purpose; a contagion with an end goal in...

The BRAG’S Royal Guide: The Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend

If there’s one thing that unites Sydneysiders when it comes to the monarchy, it’s the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

Foo Fighters @ ANZ Stadium

Reviewed on Thursday February 26 (photo by Ashley Mar) Foo Fighters are a very decent band with some very decent...

The BRAG’s Bonza Guide To Australia Day

Looking for a great spot for the Australia Day long weekend?


Behaviour at dance music festivals can range from tasteful to downright barbaric, but no matter the atmosphere, you’re certain to...

Violent Soho @ Metro Theatre

Reviewed on Friday December 5 (photo by Ashley Mar) On Friday Violent Soho demonstrated that you don’t have to redefine...

The Bronx

Sitting behind a desk at his home in Huntington Beach, California, the lead singer of LA punks The Bronx, Matt...

Phoenix @ Hordern Pavilion

Reviewed on Wednesday March 5 As live gigs go, this one was almost a contest.

Metz @ Goodgod Small Club

Reviewed on Wednesday December 4 With a band name likeBatpiss, you get an idea of what to expect.

Oceano : Incisions

On Incisions, it feels like Oceano, conceptually speaking, is stuck sword fighting a particularly noxious fart.

Brag Magazine

Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley once felt he was paying for mistakes made in past lives.

Brag Magazine

The Smith Street Band : Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams

Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams is raw and a little jagged, but it is also soaring and necessary.