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The gasometer hotel

484 Smith St
Collingwood, VIC 3066

Upcoming GigsWhen
Stella Farnan Thu 21st of November
Quivers Thu 21st of November
Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic Fri 22nd of November
Introvert Fri 22nd of November
(Single Launch) Sat 23rd of November
Marco Sat 23rd of November
Montgomery Thu 28th of November
House Of Wood Fri 29th of November
Chitra Fri 29th of November
Down For Tomorrow Sat 30th of November
Split Feed Wed 4th of December
Hackitt Thu 5th of December
Stavroz Fri 6th of December
Nat Vazer Fri 6th of December
Dan Kelly & The Alpha Males Sat 7th of December
Dan Kelly & The Alpha Males Sun 8th of December
Benedict Wed 11th of December
Wilsn Thu 12th of December
Monique Brumby Thu 12th of December
Cabu Fri 13th of December
Kilns Fri 13th of December
Austen Sat 14th of December
S.J. Smith Tue 17th of December
Jarrow Wed 18th of December
N.Y.C.K. Thu 19th of December
Charles Waldren Fri 20th of December

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