1. Your Profile
Hi, we’re Grenadiers and we’re looking for something fun and non-committal. We sound a bit like you might expect a really great, tight rock band to sound after they’ve had too many daiquiris to play properly, but just enough to be really quick with puns and dad jokes. Apart from honing our moderately enjoyable pub/punk rock sound, we enjoy stopping at cliffs to throw stones, touring the budget hotels of Australia, and fine buffet dining. In our fans, we’re looking for someone forgiving, and someone who can look beyond the surface to the kind, vulnerable soul lying just beyond the brash and boorish exterior.

2. Keeping Busy
We’ve been spending a lot of time recently setting up gear, pulling the best possible sounds, arguing for a while and then packing said gear up again. We find it’s great practice for writing new songs, which is something we also try to do when possible. In fact, we’ve just finished a new full-length album, which will be out later this year, and filming a video at Gillman Speedway for our song ‘Suburban Life’, a delightful number about mowing your lawn in Speedos and re-appropriating Gatorade bottles.

3. Best Gig Ever
A gig that will always be close to all our hearts was in Nhulunbuy, AKA Gove, in Arnhem Land. It takes about 40 minutes to get there from Darwin but about 18 hours to drive the same distance because of the terrain. They flew us there – we stayed at the house of a great local muso named Grant who showed us around the place, the venue looked after us far more comprehensively than a band like us deserves to be looked after, and we had an amazing night playing to the 50 or so locals at the pub. It was something not a lot of bands get to do and was pretty unforgettable.

4. Current Playlist
Recently, have really been digging anything fast with jangly guitars – so Meatwave, The Peep Tempel, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, Royal Headache, Thee Oh Sees, et cetera. Midnight Oil are a perennial favourite – whenever we get stuck writing a song, I always try to ask myself, “What would Rob Hirst do?” Driving favourites are The Budos Band, Mastodon and The Traveling Wilburys. A couple of us saw Strand Of Oaks the other night, who neither of us had heard previously but who were truly awesome.

5. Your Ultimate Rider
We’re simple men with simple needs. Just a few beers, some Scotch, soft drinks, sandwiches, a few Fabergé eggs, some Ming vases to drink from, a hot air balloon (with pilot of course), a kiddie pool filled with extreme sour Warheads… just the basic stuff.

Grenadiers play The Chippo Hotel on Friday May 12.

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