When it comes to choosing the right headset to suit your gaming needs, there’s certainly not a lack of options. But if you’re dying to have a premium set of headphones rest atop of your head, you really can’t go wrong with the ASTRO A40 + MixAmp Pro TR.

ASTRO Gaming is no stranger to the headset market, so as soon as you open the box to this fourth-generation iteration, it feels like a luxury item.

Components are expertly packaged, and the headset itself possesses an impressive finish. All the padding is wonderfully soft, while the rails and overall design structure are incredibly sturdy.

The unit itself might be slightly heavier than some competitors on the market, but from the hours that we spent putting the unit through its paces, it never once felt uncomfortable.


Customisation is the name of the game with the A40’s, especially thanks to available Mod Kits that grant you the opportunity to switch out core components (sold separately, of course).

Prefer a leather ear cushion instead of the included soft-touch material? How about a noise-cancelling microphone?

Even the speaker tags can be customised for a more personalised touch, and thanks to their magnetic connectors, snapping them into place feels and sounds strangely satisfying. What can we say, it’s the small things…

At the real heart of the A40’s though is the MixAmp Pro – featuring Dolby Digital Surround Sound processing that will considerable boost your gaming experience. Without lag or interference, the audio the MixAmp provides is incredible – giving you serious scope to your game worlds that instantly makes them more immersive.

By connecting the device to your computer and playing around on ASTRO’s own software, you can establish four different EQ pre-sets that can be changed at the press of a button.

That means you can set up one mode for cinematic story-driven experiences, and then another to help hear incoming footsteps in competitive shooters. Additional inputs like a Digital Daisy Chain also offer a degree of future-proofing flexibility – whether you dream of entering the competitive scene or streaming your gameplay to others.

Astro A40 Mod Kit
This is what a Mod Kit looks like

For real audiophiles and those looking to get serious with their competitive gaming, the A40’s are a no-brainer, but more casual gamers should be warned of one major caveat: cords. By the time you’ve connected your console or PC to the MixAmp, and then the actual headset, you’ll have a lengthy string of cords stretching across your gaming space.

If you’re tight on room, that could understandably be a deal-breaker, but you do have the option to plug the headset straight into your controller via the standard jack, however doing so obviously omits the benefits the MixAmp provides.

At $449.95 for either the PS4/PC or XBO/PC option, the ASTRO A40 TR are by no means a cheap investment. But at the same time, they are exactly that – an investment into your video game future. Thanks to the wide gamut of options and inputs ASTRO has provided, you won’t be thinking about a replacement anytime soon.