Welcome to the age of reimaginings. Beauty and the Beast is now more than a cartoon children’s film; it’s a live-action production starring Harry Potter’s very own Emma Watson as its leading lady. Mulan and The Lion King are coming to a theatre near you, Will Smith is Aladdin’s new Genie, and The Little Mermaid is still caught between new-movie excitement and outdated racist debate.

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Everywhere we turn, pop culture meets us with more recreations of old stories than introductions of new ones. Retro is cool in all its shapes and sizes – record players, polaroids, and Friends reruns – and while most of us are thrilled by the repeated prospect of a blast from a simpler past, our redo culture does beg the question of why. Why is the entertainment industry so caught up in reliving yesterdays?

Halle Bailey as Ariel
Halle Bailey will star as Ariel in The Little Mermaid

With remakes and reimaginings punctuating almost every move of today’s most recent film and literature releases, it’s easy to question whether the world has simply run out of new ideas, but there’s a lot more at play.

One of the film industry’s top remakers is Disney. From Cinderella, to The Jungle Book to Dumbo, and many, many more, most of Disney’s live-action do-overs have achieved exactly the success Disney hoped for them.