Reviewed on Monday June 9

The Vivid festival spread its wings further out this year into Carriageworks, with an excellent program of both music and food. While Modular provided the musical lineup for the weekend program, Argentinean cookout experts Porteno provided the food. Wild Porteno, however, gave the restaurant the chance to program a day of music that inspires the food, with a full schedule from famed rockabilly label Wild Records on the cards.

The Delta Bombers opened the day with a fiery set of punk-inspired rockabilly. The double bass was in full effect, and the band relished the chance to open the show, throwing out tees and really getting the crowd worked up. Luis And The Wildfires then took the stage and owned it like it was their last gig, with frontman Luis jumping into the crowd and getting the audience chanting. The addition of songs in Spanish as well as English was a really good insight into the authenticity of the band, as well as the scene they inhabit.

Finally Gizzelle closed the show, the sultry singer delivering a full set of ’50s blues. She has a huge voice and an excellent band of pros, showing some fine musicianship. It’s a shame her slot was a bit short considering the length of her back catalogue, and she seemed a little nervous, but her big vocal cords alleviated any concerns.

It was great to see some legitimate soul and rockabilly from one of the genre’s best labels and its choice acts, who were all genuinely chuffed to be playing in Oz. Let’s hope we see more of Wild in the very near future.

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