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Just when we thought our room couldn’t get more woke with that added Lava Lamp we picked up at Glebe Markets, LIFX came along and changed the interior design game with its voice enabled smart lighting.

Elon Musk is now hiding his inferior SpaceX contraptions, interior design influencer Ashley Stark Kenner is taking notes, and Marie Kondo is watching it spark joy.

LIFX has officially reimagined lighting, turning our share houses into smart homes with its smart lights that can turn on, change colour and dim with a simple voice command. And yes, they can be controlled from anywhere on earth via the app.

Take the LIFX Tile, it boasts multi-coloured capabilities with 64 controllable colour zones per Tile and a new touch feature.

LIFX tile

The LIFX Beam is also impossibly cool. It’s designed to perfectly accent any wall, but instead of being shaped like a tile, its pieces go together to create an L-shape, or any other shape you can dream up for that matter.

lifx beam

LIFX also create this super vivid A60+ light and Mini, which transform your home with over 16 million vivid colours, including the brightest whites.

LIFX mini light

To celebrate the rise of the smart home, and also the sheer beauty these lights give off when they create dynamic moods and paint with light, we’re giving away three seriously enviable packages.

To win, sign up to our newsletter below and include your answer to our question: If you could choose any voice command to activate your LIFX lighting, what would you choose?

Gold Package:

1x Tile
1x Beam
1x A60+
1x Mini colour
valued at: $880

Silver Package:

1x Tile
1x A60+
1x Mini Colour
valued at: $580

Bronze Package:

1x Tile
valued at: $400


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Watch LIFX lighting in action below: