The pandemic has been tough for everyone, and if you have found yourself having to work from home, then you’d know how it can throw your whole routine into chaos.

With no end in sight for the near future, it seems that some of us may be working remotely for a while (hey fellow Sydneysiders!) so it’s important to set yourself up a proper professional workspace to keep that work/life balance in order.

So whether you’re partial to keeping a dedicated space for your work, or are more comfortable working from the comfort of your bedroom (guilty), we’ve rounded up a whole bunch of essential items you need to get through this weird and wild time.

Portable Dual Monitor for Laptops

work from homeIf you’ve ever had to deal with going from a dual monitor in the office to trying to bang out your work on a dinky little laptop while working from home, you’ll know the pain of making such a downgrade.

Luckily, Amazon stocks a nifty portable dual monitor for laptops, which features a 12.5-inch screen that connects to your laptop via USB to give you that glorious dual-screen efficiency.

Price: $51.00

Bliss Collections Daily Planner

work from home

Give yourself the illusion that your life is in order with this adorable encouraging daily planner by Bliss. 

Featuring 51 pages of daily planning sheets to help you organise your daily appointments and tasks, this nifty little number also allows you to track your water intake, health and fitness goals and daily meals.

It also features a gratitude and achievements section in hopes to remind you that stressors are NOT the centre of your life. Love that!

Price: $18.13

We Rate Dogs Daily Calendar

Doggos are beautiful, pure, beings that are basically antidepressants in four-legged form – that’s just a fact.

So it’s safe to assume this adorable We Rate Dogs daily calendar is certain to brighten up your day with its assortment of canine cuties for you to admire each and every morning.

10/10, would pat every good boi and girl.

Price: $25.43

Blanket Sweatshirt

As someone who owns one of these godsends, I can tell you that this item will fast become your go-to WFH wardrobe staple.

Available in a variety of designs, each sweatshirt comes with a cozy sherpa interior, a fleece exterior, along with a hoodie and front-mounted kangaroo pouch pocket.

While it may look like something that would be worn by a cult member, the idea of a wearable blanket is truly as amazing as it sounds and I regret nothing.

Price: $39.99

Back Support Pillow

If you can’t get yourself a really premium office chair with built-in lumbar support, your next best bet is to purchase one of these lumbar support pillows. It’ll provide instant back pain relief, and it’s breathable so you’ll stay cool and dry.

Price: $39.95

Multifunctional Office Desk Organiser

This desktop stand and organiser is not only super cute and amazing for organising your desk essentials, but it’s also helpful in relieving dreaded neck pain.

The desktop lifter helps to raise the monitor to keep the line of sight and the screen at the same level, thereby effectively reducing neck tension. Hooray!

Price: $55.91

Portable Adjustable Mobile Wooden Desk


If you prefer working from the comfort of your couch, then this is for you.

The portable desk is able to adjust between 65cm to 97cm through a height adjusting knob, which keeps it stable and also allows you to work in either a sitting or standing position.

Price: $56.00

Smart Coffee Mug Warmer

It’s winter, so coffee while working from home is an absolute must.

Just plug in the USB cable and your device will be activated automatically thanks to gravity induction.

Place your glass over the warmer and gently tap the button to adjust the setting you want. No fuss, no muss.

Price: $34.99

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