Australian woman, Blayze Williams, who was dubbed the world’s ‘hottest truck driver’, has slammed people for shaming her six-figure side hustle on OnlyFans.

The Aussie was dubbed the world’s ‘hottest truck driver’ after posting a series of photos on her Instagram account of her wearing lingerie and posing in her truck.

Williams opened up an OnlyFans account in 2020, but has continued to drive trucks as her day job, saying she loves what she does and will “never stop”. However, she’s revealed the criticism she faces for posting racy photos while working in a male-dominated industry.

“Before I started OnlyFans, I feel like I was admired a lot more. But now I’m getting lots of hate and body shaming comments from people assuming I’m a prostitute,” she said, according to The Daily Mail.

“All I do is sell photographs and video to people who are interested in seeing it. I’m not out there actually sleeping with anyone or performing sex acts, but even if I was, why should it matter?

“I’m a great trucker and I’m good at my job. That’s why I’ve been doing it for a decade.”

Blayze told the publication that she broke her leg in 2018, and suffered ongoing complications that rendered her unable to drive trucks in Febuary 2020.

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“I have ongoing leg complications. I had to stop working, and I was getting to the point financially where I didn’t really know what was going to happen.

“Then I was speaking to my friend Heidi Lavon, who is a famous internet personality now, and she suggested I give it a go.

“But at the time I thought it was only for porn stars who want to do full nudity and create sexual videos, so I said that wasn’t really for me.

“Then I learnt that I could dictate my content however I wanted, so I only do implied nudes and the occasional topless picture for a high price.

“This allows me to do part-time truck driving, and it means I enjoy it much more, while also generating a bigger income from the Only Fans,” she said.

The 29-year old went on to reveal that she used to make around $85,000 a year driving trucks, and now makes approximately $150,000 selling sexy photographs of herself to her fans.

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