Bertie Beetle is the most beloved of Aussie showbag icons, and considering that showbags are an Australian invention (really!) this makes him the undisputed Showbag King Of the Universe.

Bertie Beetle debuted at the Easter Show in 1963 as one element of Hoadley’s Chocolate Showbag, alongside boring faceless chocolates like Violet Crumble and Polly Waffle. He began life as a way to use discarded shards of honeycomb left over from making Violet Crumbles, but soon outgrew this pedestrian beginning.

With the advent of the Internet, the need to vomit fairy floss off the side of hastily-assembled rollercoasters in order to get a Bertie Beetle showbag has disappeared, and now you can order hundreds of the little things from the comfort of your own hammock.

Check out these options:

Bertie Beetle BIGGEST Showbag – 80 Bertie Beetle chocolates for $29.00

Bertie Beetle Bounty Box – 150 Bertie Beetle chocolates and a gift pack for $49.00

Bertie Beetle Bulk Bundle – 250 Bertie Beetle chocolates with Beanie for $79.00

Bertie Beetle Huge Haul – 350 Bertie Beetle chocolates and a Bertie Beetle Plush for $99.00


You read that final one right! 350 Bertie Beetles, which is almost a week’s worth. Plus you get a plush toy, which is invaluable.

Check out the online store now.

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