Zoë Foster Blake has declared that we’re in the “dress your child in a $250 wool cardigan from Acne” era of lockdown.

As we approach the hundredth day of lockdown, we’re left wondering what phase we’re in. Your Singer sewing machine is collecting dust. The air-dry clay you bought to kickstart your ceramics career has fossilized. Yoga with Adrienne has made her way into your dreams. You still haven’t watched The Wire. You’re unraveling at the seams. Picnics are back on! You have lost all social decorum!

Don’t despair, Zoë Foster Blake has diagnosed the mood of the now. We are collectively in the “heck-wear-your-fancy-clothes-today-cos-soon-they-won’t-fit” stage of lockdown. Especially if you’re a four-year-old with a $255 Acne wool jumper.

Are you in lockdown with a young child? Has the juggling act between being a worker, a parent, and a home learner left you feeling overwhelmed? at your breaking point? like a failure? Have you considered that maybe you feel this way because your child isn’t wearing a 100% wool knit from a luxury Stockholm fashion house?

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