As anyone knows, working from home can be a hard thing to do, especially when you’re Robert E. Kelly, an academic who is based out of a South Korean university. While partaking in an interview with the BBC, a future viral video moment was created, however, typical racism soon followed from the Twittersphere.

Robert E. Kelly had been involved in a video interview with the BBC, conducted via Skype, in regards to the impeachment of the South Korean president. Everything was going swimmingly until the interview was interrupted by two unlikely visitors, his children. Take a look at the video below at the adorable little gatecrashers in action.



Following the children’s appearance in the video, a flustered woman chases after them, trying her best to get them out of the room as quickly as possible. Undobutedly, it’s comedic gold, and is exactly the sort of wholesome material we all need to witness now and again to help break up the monotony of our everyday lives. However, some folks can’t help but to let their casual racism bubble to the surface when things like this occur.


After having been posted on various Twitter and Facebook pages, the world’s best and brightest soon emerged to comment on the events of the video.



You may notice a commeon thread amongst these comments, namely that they all tend to assume that the woman in the video is the nanny. Now why would that be the initial thought of the majority of these commentors? Well, the chances are pretty high that they make the false equivalency that just because the woman in question is not white, she is instantly either ‘the help’, or an ‘immigrant nanny’.


As Mic reports though, the woman in the video is in fact Robert E. Kelly’s wife, making the fact that people assumed that the woman at the centre of the video was the nanny even more problematic than it already was.


Thankfully though, numerous users took to Twitter to focus on and address the racism that had found its way onto the internet in light of the video.


While we’re certain that this is bound to be a viral Internet moment for years to come, this will hopefully serve as a reminder about how ridiculously racist people on the Internet can be.

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