After a three year wait, it looks like we’re finally going to be seeing some new music from Alt-J. With a teaser video being posted online, fans havemanaged to uncovernew information about the group’s new record.

The group’s official YouTube account recently posted avideo featuring a short, one minute instrumental snippet titled ‘00110011 01110111 01110111’. The track itself is an experimental piece whose title, it turns out, is actually binary code for ‘3WW’. The music is accompanied by trippy footage from the infamous Japanese PlayStation gameLSD Dream Emulator, which has long been used to accompany experimental, or psychedelicmusic in Youtube videos.

Keen fans took to the Internet in hopes of finding more information,where they stumbled upon a forumwhich has sourcedinformation from a Japanese iTunes pageto discover a number of things. Namely, what the album’s artwork looks like, the fact that the LP is titledRelaxer, and that it should be released on June 9th.

The eight-track album is set to use the new teaser track ‘3WW’ as it’s opener, and with the intriguing instrumental sound that it uses, it looks as though Alt-J are back to their kooky, experimental sound that we’ve come to know and love from them.

With a tentative album release date of June 9th, could that mean we’ll be seeing the lads on our shores soon after? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, we’re going to keep on hoping.

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