Leading Latin American and Australian artist Maria Fernanda has been announced as the 14th curator of MCA ARTBAR.

On Friday July 16, Fernanda will invite gallery-goers to spend the night as Mother Nature intended – not in the nut, but all-embracing of the artist’s nominated theme ‘Sex Everywhere’. The MCA will be transformed into Fernanda’s Museum of Copulatory Organs –an installation celebrating the diversity and complexity in genitalic structures across the animal kingdom – which was first shown at the 18th Biennale of Sydney.

Audiences can expect to be taken on an arousing journey into the urban ecosystem of animal and plant reproduction carried throughout the Museum. Y’all will be able to undress a flower, view Jurgen Otto’s gootage of the mating dances of male Peacock Spiders or respond to the calls of the wild with Gary Warner’s soundscape of mating calls.

For more information visit mca.com.au

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