A Show About Androgyny, Sexuality And The Smiths Is Coming To Sydney

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Carriageworks is bringing a performance about gender fluidity titled MDLSX to Sydney audiences this March.

MOTUS, the Italian theatre company behind the performance - which recieved high praise when it debuted in New York early last year - is on its way to Sydney next month.


MDLSX is amoung the long list of projects MOTUS has produced, and stars performer Silvia Calderoni. It's part performance art, part monologue and part DJ set with songs including music from The Smiths, Vampire Weekend and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

MDLSX will run from Thursday March 16 to Saturday March 18 at Carriageworks at 7:30pm. Tickets to MDLSX are $35. Tickets and show info is available here.