Your roomate/significant other/mum/your cat (yes- even your goddamn cat) is fed up with you and the trash you’re hoarding.

Welcome your new saviour, The Junk Jukebox, a project designed to keep ‘Straya looking mighty fine and sounding mighty good. Even with 212 bins in total along Bondi Beach, a council rake collects about four cubic metres of litter every day. This Australia Day weekend, Ash Grunwald and some other local favourites will be taking to a specially designed stage, playing tracks each time someone places rubbish in the bins attached to the stage (crafted out of recycled timber, of course). The Junk Jukebox starts up at 1pm on Thursday January 23 at Coogee Beach, and at the same time on Friday January 24 at Bondi Beach. Don’t be a tosser – head down!

Ash Grunwaldplays at Coogee Beach on Thursday 23 Januaryand Bondi Beach on Friday 24 January.

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