Australia produces some of the best female voices in the world. There are so many incredible artists singing in so many different styles, it’s become overwhelming. Many artists now attempt to find and hold a certain atmosphere, a musical signature to separate themselves from the chorus of other beautiful voices.

More recently this has resulted in the overproduction of songs; everyone needs to have an orchestra or an immaculately engineered sound. Bec Sandridge does away with these habits while managing to maintain her unique style.

Wild Heart possesses a sound as gentle as a dream. Opener ‘Cars’ sets the mood; that of watching the stars whirl in the night sky. ‘Stones’ is a slow waltz with trumpets playing in the deep, rising slowly like the coming dawn. The title track is a floaty melody with the soft echo of guitar strings reaching out like an embrace.

‘Ghost’ and ‘Red Jumper’ pick up the pace somewhat – the heavy double bass on ‘Ghost’ thunders along with a quicker singing style, nestled amongst the accordion and harmonies, while on ‘Red Jumper’, fast guitar picking and brass notes create a feeling of anticipation and excitement. The final track ‘Go Home’ is filled with contemplation, and a constant reminder from the singer: “It’s time to go home / It’s time to go”.

Wild Heart keeps hold of its grassroots through its sparseness, adding the brass and strings and harmonies to the mix without losing any innocence. It reminds us all that, at its core, this is still a record about a singer with a guitar and a beautiful voice.

4/5 stars


Wild Heart is out now independently through Bandcamp.

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