andrew bolt

Posted 16 Mar 2017 @ 11:36am

The emergence of the alt-right has resurrected an age-old question: why does all great art come from the left? Maybe it's because the right can only borrow and steal from genuine culture, writes JOSEPH EARP.


“It has become a popular mantra of progressives to claim that conservatives are unable to contribute in any meaningful way to art or entertainment in America. The sole...

Posted 3 Sep 2016 @ 5:17pm

Today I saw Andrew Bolt at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. 


He said a lot of things that I found repulsive. He argued that formal events shouldn’t begin with an acknowledgement of country; that the science on climate change wasn’t settled; and that people shouldn’t be defamed for denying the Holocaust unless they could proved to be ‘wrong’....

Posted 5 Jul 2016 @ 10:31am

The 2016 Festival Of Dangerous Ideas will bring a conversation-starting series of talks to the Sydney Opera House over one weekend in September.


The eighth edition of the Opera House's annual talks program includes several big-name guests from Australia and overseas. Last year's event saw 30,000 people filter through Sydney's famous sailed venue.


The 2016...

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