Canadian hardcore band Comeback Kid seem well aware that there’s no need to overcomplicate things when writing music. 


Their back catalogue isn’t reflective of a band yearning, trying to reinvent the wheel, but more of a group refining its craft, guiding its songs across a spinning whetstone to hone a new edge. Over the years, they’ve ventured into metal riffage, accessible sing-along punk and archetypal hardcore, but always with a respectful level of integrity. On their fifth full-length album, Die Knowing, they manage to find a balance between them all.


In the early going, guitarist Jeremy Hiebert’s metal leanings dominate. The songs are heavy and full of menace. From the slow-burning chugging guitars on ‘Die Knowing’ to the slick, metal-influenced ‘Lower The Line’ and the anthemic stomp of ‘Somewhere In This Miserable…’, there is a heavier intent on this LP compared to their previous albums.


‘Beyond’ is Die Knowing’s throwback song, frenetic in pace with a skanking bass line breakdown. ‘Unconditional’ shifts down a gear speed-wise without a displacement of energy, while ‘Didn’t Even Mind’, ‘Full Swing’ (with former vocalist Scott Wade) and (predicted) live show staple ‘Sink In’ brighten up the tail. 


Die Knowing packs a punch from start to finish. 


3.5/5 stars

Die Knowing is out now on Victory/Rocket.

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