Master conspiracy author David Icke is bringing his world tour to Sydney in celebration of the release of his latest book.

Icke is at the forefront of authoring books that over the years have aimed to expose hidden political agendas, secret societies, espionage and covert manipulation of the masses. Although much of his work has been labelled as conspiracy theory, several of his theories have been confirmed as truth and confirmed through events that have unfolded before the public conscious.

Icke is now embarking on a world tour to launch his latest book Phantom Self, a piece of work that explores how the state of the world currently is only a reflection of the stage of the individual, and suggests that we are living in a time when we must choose between apathy and taking responsibility for the collapse of a world that we helped to create.

Icke will launch his bookPhantom Self on Saturday July 16 at Sydney Town Hall.

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