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Cologne-based duo Georg Conrad and Marius Bubat, who produce under the moniker of Coma, will make their Australian debut next month when they headline a special Strange Fruit bash at theAbercrombie on Saturday October 26. Coma have been bubbling under since that acid-washed spring of ’09, when they released their serene cut ‘Raindrops’, a ten-minute epic which sampled Erlend Oye’s cover of ‘Fine Day’, one of many memorable interludes on Erlend’s classic DJ Kicks compilation. (I’ve commented previously in this column that Tiga’s contribution to the DJ Kicks series set a lofty benchmark, but Erlend’s certainly comes close to topping it.) It wasn’t until earlier this year that Coma released their debut album In Technicolor through Kompakt Records. With its playful take on a variety of sounds, which are recontextualised for the dancefloor, In Technicolor showcased many of the characteristics that have made Kompakt such an endearing label for the past 20 years. Traversing an array of different influences, from pop and Italo disco to more dancefloor-oriented genres, In Technicolor featured guest vocals from Ada and Roosevelt, while the majestic leadoff single ‘My Orbit’ was given an advance airing by Kompakt kingpin Michael Mayer in his Resident Advisor podcast from the end of last year. “In a club I always have the best time when the DJ catches people with emotional tracks,” Bubat said when discussing the pair’s musical approach. “That’s also the kind of music we like to do”. The German pair is performing as part of a two-room, inside/outside party that kicks off in the afternoon at 2pm and runs through till 6am, crowning a lineup laden with quality. Alphatown will also be performing a live set, alongside some of Australia’s finest veteran DJs in Ant J Steep and Phil Smart. Additionally, the likes of Matt Aubusson, Trinity, Jordan Deck and Jamie Lloyd will be throwing down in an outing that is a must for any dancers with a penchant for melodic – and of course ‘emotional’ – club sounds.

London DJ/producer Oliver Ho, AKA Raudive, will release a new album entitled A System Of Objects in November on Finn Johannsen and Stefan Goldmann’sMacro label. A diverse producer who has explored many different styles throughout his discography, from hard-edged techno to more experimental and minimal sounds, Ho is one of the most engaging producers of the underground because of his willingness to take risks and try different things with each release. His previous album on Macro, Chamber Music, was one of my favourite albums of 2010, melding minimal techno and house with classical and tribal tinges, with the pulsating ‘Brittle’ a particularly memorable highlight. While some of the tracks on A System Of Objects aren’t entirely removed from the mood of Chamber Music in their murky layering of sounds, from initial listens Ho has opted for a rawer, more experimental tone for his forthcoming album. As Ho has said of his output previously, “Even though I make stuff that is supposedly for DJs to play, a lot of my stuff isn’t very ‘dance-y’. It’s more dance music put through a filter.” Whether you end up dancing to it or not, A System Of Objects is definitely recommended as one to play on a pristine system and immerse yourself in.

Some of Sydney’s finest selectors will regularly represent a new weekly party, Goodgod Congress, which is open for business from Friday September 27 and will continue every Friday thereafter at Goodgod Small Club. Resident DJs include Simon Caldwell, Magda Bytnerowicz, Ken Cloud, D&D, Ben Fester, Andy Webb and James Walsh, with the party offering free entry before midnight. The concept behind Goodgod Congress is for resident DJs to move from the shadows of ‘support act’ to commander of the dancefloor. There’s a lot to like about this – between them, the residents have brought the likes of Vakula, Steffi and Kenny Larkin to Australia in recent times, and are all highly regarded DJs in their own right. This party will see the roster of respected locals playing records under the loose umbrella of house and techno as headliners rather than support DJs. If you’re looking for a regular fix of quality electronica, this is the place you should be starting your weekends.

Looking Deeper

Saturday September 21

Eric Cloutier

Venue tba

Kenny Larkin

The Goldfish

Friday September 27

Goodgod Congress

Goodgod Small Club

Saturday September 28

Peter Van Hoesen

The Abercrombie

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