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The ever-intriguingTerre Thaemlitz, who makes music under the monikers ofKami-Sakunobe House Explosion (K-S.H.E) and more prominently asDJ Sprinkles, will headline a joint party between Picnic and the House of Mince at the Abercrombie on Saturday August 10. Thaemlitz has enjoyed a prolific first half of 2013, releasing a mix for Japanese label Mule Musiq entitledWhere Dancefloors Stand Stilland a double-album compilation of his remixes produced between 2006 and 2013,Queerification And Ruins.ButThaemlitz ain’t no flavour of the month; rather, he (or she, depending on what mood you catch him/her in) has been actively making and playing some of the finest deep house around under the Sprinkles alias for years, with the Midtown 120 Blues LP ranked as Resident Advisor’s #1 album of 2009. In addition to an incandescent production and DJing CV,Thaemlitzis an outspoken personality who moved to Japan from the US over a decade ago, and is known to explore the link between music and politics, having written and lectured extensively on gender and social issues over the years. After more than 20 years in the game, this house auteur will be appearing in Australia for only the second time next month. As something of a novelty during the Sydney winter, this will be a daytime party stretching into the evening, with shenanigans commencing at 2pm. The likes ofStereogamous, Magda Bytnerowicz, Matt Vaughan, Ben Fester, Kali, Andy Webb and Lovertits himself are all set to spin at some stage of proceedings.

The first lineup for the annual Australia Day Victorian bush romp that is the Rainbow Serpent festival has been announced, and it contains some names who have garnered plenty of coverage on this page, such as Kompakt main man Michael Mayer, last week’s Deep Impressions star, Italian techno don Donato Dozzy, veteran outfit Banco De Gaiaand Berlin party boy Nico Stojan. Mayer recently toured our shores following the release of his accomplished – if dubiously titled – sophomore albumMantasy,while Dozzy devotees will be pleased at this news after the veteran cancelled his previous Australian tour, which was also slotted for the end of last year.Banco De Gaia represent the wild card of the bunch,a collective that was described by Pitchfork as “a musical fossil…that has existed for years on the fringes of interest.” Film/soundtrack aficionados will recall the epic Banco De Gaia cut ‘Drippy’ from the (excellent) soundtrack to Aronofsky’s debut feature film Pi, a cut that serves as a seductive introduction toToby Marks’ genre-hopping project, which has never quite garnered the recognition that it deserves. While one would assume that all these artists will represent in Sydney in late January, readers must seriously consider the southern pilgrimage to see them all perform over the course of a few days in the peerless atmosphere of the famed outdoor festival.

The next instalment of the fabric compilation series, fabric 71, will arrive courtesy of English-born crooner-DJ-producer Catherine Britton, AKA Cassy, who has established herself as a world-class DJ over the past decade through her residency at Panorama Bar and regular spots at Ibiza day club DC10. Cassy’s productions showcase a vocal-driven style of stripped down deep house via releases on Perlon and her own self-titled imprint, while her DJ prowess has been captured on her compilations Simply Devotion and the inaugural installment of the Panorama Bar mix series. She’s also collaborated with the crème de la crème of the club world – I’m talkin’ Villalobos, Luciano and Mathew Jonson. A relative latecomer to the DJ game, Cassy was encouraged by Electric Indigo to start mixing in her late 20s, and her supreme tastemaking abilities saw her rise quickly through the ranks. Her forthcoming mix for fabric collates tracks that “all represent what I love about electronic music, and what I love playing. Simply, each track is individually beautiful – there is not much more to add [leave that to señor wordsmith please, Cassy].” Cuts from the likes of Losoul and Adam Marshall feature in the mix along with plenty of artists I haven’t heard of – and for a jaded, techno-weary sod such as myself, that’s definitely a positive! fabric 71 will be released in mid-August.

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