Disney classics have been remixed and re-worked for new compilationDCONSTRUCTED, hitting everyone right in the childhood.

Thanks to Avicii, Armin Van Buuren, Kaskade and many others, Disney songs have been transformed from their whimsical animated world into a collection of bang(arang)ers. We all have to grow up, after all.

Tracks that have come under the EDM knife include ‘Circle of Life’ (Lion King), ‘The Muppets Theme’ (The Muppets), and two tracks from Daft Punk’s already near-perfect TRON:Legacy Soundtrack.

Whether this is a dream come true or aStar Warsprequel scale disaster remains to be seen, but we’re pretty keen to give it a listen.

DCONSTRUCTED will be available Friday April 25 from music retailers.

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