If you were to try and think about just one actor who could encapsulate the very essence of film in the ’90s, you would be forgiven if you were to think of Jim Carrey. The Canadian actor was everywhere thanks to his highly-profitable comedy career, even going so far as to famously earn a then-record $20 million just to star in the (somewhat) regrettable film The Cable Guy. In recent years though, some may wonder where he’s been, with the answer definitely coming out of left field.

A couple of week’s ago, Jim Carrey’s documentary, titled I Need Color, was uploaded to Vimeo. The documentary chronicles Carrey’s foray into the world of art, and his reinvention as a painter. While initially the doco released little attention, it has since gone viral, gaining worldwide intrigue, and in some cases, ridicule, for Carrey’s new career.

The documentary shows Carrey within his art studio, and shows his painting and sculpting process, while showcasing some of the art he has created. Carrey claims that he started painting six years ago, as a therapeutic means in order to “heal a broken heart”, which explains why the famous funnyman hasn’t been seen on the silver screen for quite some time.

While many have congratulated Jim Carrey’s new direction, such as IndieWire, others, including The Guardian, have criticised him, calling his art “shallow”, and “pretentious”.

To be perfectly fair, while his art isn’t the sort of thing you’d see in world-class galleries just yet, we still have to give him major kudos for following his dreams. That being said, with his track record, we’re not sure if this could all be some sort of film preparation in much the same way Joaquin Phoenix messed with people’s heads by ‘becoming’ a hip-hop artist while secretly filming I’m Still Here. Regardless, if this is Carrey’s newfound career path, we wish him the best for the future.

Check out Jim Carrey’s documentary, I Needed Color, below.

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