We’ve known for a long time now that Elton John casts a wide net when it comes to the music he either listens to, or is involved in. Heck, we only need to look at 2Pac’s ‘Ghetto Gospel’, which samples John’s ‘Indian Sunset’, to know that he’s a fan of hip-hop, but a recent trip to a Canadian record store just goes on to prove his love for the genre.

As CTV News Vancouver reports, Elton, who is due to kick off a Canadian tour in the next few days, walked into Beat Street Records in downtown Vancouver and did a little bit of record shopping, just like he did in Sydney in 2015.


The store’s manager took to Facebook to share his account of John’s trip into his store. Reportedly, the first thing that Elton was looking for was anything by US rapper Tech N9ne, a musician known for his hardcore rap style. After being told they didn’t in fact have anything by Tech N9ne in store, John then turned his attention to albums by Devine Brown, Jane Siberry, Little Feet, Linda Ronstadt, Morris Day, and, as the store’s manager puts it, “all the Scritti Poliiti we had.”


While we’ve known for years that Elton John has always had a penchant for large amounts of differing styles of music, even including a fondness for our own Sarah Blasko, it’s an absolutely glorious thing to still see a musician as famous as Elton John rub shoulders with the general public in the most communal of all music settings, the local record store.

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