The second album from Erika M. Anderson is a mercurial affair, changing style from song to song so much that no matter how much care and attention is given to the individual tracks, it doesn’t add up to a completely satisfying whole.

Individually, each song is an achievement. Opener ‘Satellites’ pulls from a seemingly random assortment of radio static and bass drones to make a very catchy beat, like a mix of The Knife and Gossip. ‘3Jane’ is a should-be shoegaze classic, borrowing the now-standard drum figure from ‘Just Like Honey’. ‘Solace’ features a dazzling arrangement, with round-style vocals. ‘Dead Celebrity’ references the military ‘Taps’ and samples fireworks.

All are impressive pieces of work, but when put together side by side, their genres clash in a distracting way. That seems to be by design; The Future’s Void is the latest in a recent flurry of albums to explore the concept of identity in the internet age. But like those recent albums, the concept isn’t really pulled off, and it just makes for a frustrating listen.

So while it might be a misguided piece of work, the care shown on the individual songs on The Future’s Void is further proof that EMA is an artist to watch.


The Future’s Void is out now throughMatador / Remote Control.

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