New York based tattoo artist Megan Massacre took five to chat to the BRAG ahead of her appearance at the Sydney Tattoo And Body Art Expo next month.

How did you get into tattooing?

I got into tattooing sort of randomly. At the time I was eighteen years old, had just graduated from high school and was working a part-time job selling furniture just to get by. One day a co-worker asked me to give her a ride to a local tattoo parlor … and while I waited in the lobby for her to finish, the guys who worked at the shop came into the lobby saying she told them I could draw well. They … handed me some paper and a pencil and asked me to draw a few different things. They loved what I drew and asked if I had ever done a tattoo before. Of course I said no, but they then asked if I would like to do one right there on the spot. Despite being very intimidated, I said yes. That day the artists set everything up and walked me through my very first tattoo. Afterwards they said I did a good job, and asked if I was interested in an apprenticeship. The rest is history!

What’s your favourite tattoo?

My favorite tattoos at the moment are the tiny spider webs I have tattooed around the cuticles of my nails. It’s by far one of the simplest tattoos I have, but I have always been fond of them. A funny story about those tattoos is, that in the weeks following getting the tattoos, as my nails grew out, they had little marks from the tattoo on them, so weird!

What’s the worst tattoo you’ve ever seen?

I honestly have seen sooo many horrible tattoos it’s sad to say that it’s hard to pick which is the actual worst. I will say that the worst tattoo I’ve come across recently is [rapper] Gucci Mane’s ice cream face tattoo that says “Brrr” on it. That thing definitely gives me shivers!

What are your current projects?

Outside of tattooing at Wooster St., I also tattoo out of a shop called Sacred in NYC for the cover-up tattoo TV show called “America’s Worst Tattoos” on TLC. I have also been traveling a bit both nationally and internationally for tattoo conventions, as well as spending my time at home in NYC working some more on artwork outside of tattooing such as painting and clothing designs. I also do some modeling and DJ’ing. So I guess you can say my plate is pretty full!

What can we expect from the Sydney Tattoo Expo?

As a first-timer myself, I am also curious about what to expect! I have heard a lot of good things about the convention, and from the looks of the photos and artist list, I anticipate it will be a fun, entertaining experience and a great opportunity to get a top quality tattoo!

Sydney Tattoo Expo is onFriday March 7 to Sunday March 9 atRoyal Hall Of Industries, Moore Park

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