1.Growing Up

I remember being nine years old and hearing ‘Fool Fool Fool’by Elvis Presley. Mother Nature plays banjo better than anyone in The Perch Creek Family Jugband but The Perch Creek Family Jugband are red hot, baby, red hot.


Taj Mahal, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions. The first time I heard Grateful Dead by The Grateful Dead we were driving on Coolamon Scenic behind Mullumbimby after Kool-Breeze was bitten by a humblebee in the community gardens, and we were trying to cheer him up because he was allergic, and this funny guy called Habeeb the Flute Player was riding with us and suggested it. Beautiful vegetables make beautiful music. It’s in Elliot’s journal.

3.Your Band

Kool-Breeze plays the guitar, Dr. Elliot Love-Wisdom plays the bass guitar and glockenspiel, and I play the fool. We met in Vermont. Previously to that we met in Hawaii on the way to Vermont; Kool-Breeze surfed Pipe Masters that year. Daevid Allen from the Soft Machine records all of our music. He has a studio on the top of Mt. Warning but I’m not allowed to say anything else.

4.The Music You Make

Monterey pop, subterranean psychedelia, hip pop, ultimate spinach, buzz words, buzz words, buzz words, buzz words, Three Dog Night & The Family Dog, Cream. We are about to release a ten-inch LP called Starseed Transmission on Flightless/Remote Control Records.

5.Music, Right Here, Right Now

The scene is definitely so groovy right now. I saw three white-haired turtle doves this afternoon in the best bathing suits I’ve seen all year, sunbaking on Tamarama Rocks, smoking cloves, drinking coconuts, laughing like wild WA cuckoos. There was Dot, Sunny Ray, Belinda, Thea, Margaret Presley Thatcher, Sue and Emily.

See The Babe Rainbow at Beach Road Hotel on Wednesday June 25 / Brighton Up Bar on Thursday June 26.

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