1. Growing Up

My childhood was the making of me being into music due to it being something that got me through some toughish times, especially in my teenage years. Hip hop and the original electro movement was starting to flourish: Afrika Bambataa, GrandMaster Flash, Roxanne Shante, Ice T, Egyptian Lover, Cybortron, etc were some of the reason of why I worked after school buffing floors at a huge office/factory space for extra money to be able to afford wax. Some of my older mates not so hyped up on that sound introduced me to a more band orientated sound ie Bowie, U2, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, Soft Cell, Talking Heads, etc so I think I can safely say that I’ve had a good education when it comes to music.

2. Inspirations

Radiohead without doubt are my favourite band/musicians. They never sat on their laurels and were always pushing forward and trying to evolve (which I think is important as an artist as people can easily get bored of the same thing constantly. I feel this trait can be heard in my productions with Justin Drake as Peace Division, Soul Purpose, etc). I remember having their OK Computer album on repeat for months when I first got it.

I’m also inspired by movie soundtracks and is something I would love to break into. I’ve heard some amazing music in films over the years and its pretty far removed from what I do now I suppose. If David Holmes and The Chemical Brothers can do it then there’s always hope.

3. YourCrew

Check some of question one! Regarding who I work with now I’ve teamed up with up and coming talent Remi Mazet, and one of the Kubicle party in London resident DJs FB Julian (Julian Arabian), and a good mate Math in opening a brand newly built studio in East London. We have been doing 8-14 hour shifts in trying to get it ready before August is over. And I must admit it’s been a good effort so far but I’ve not been there as much as I would’ve liked due to numerous gigs all across the UK/Europe and now Australia. It was without doubt Rocky and Diesel from Xpress 2 fame that got me into house music and I’m well appreciative of this fact as I wouldn’t be where I am now. I also must mention Circo Loco as they had faith in letting me play each week at DC10 and giving me the platform of getting known by a new breed of global clubbers/ravers.

4. The Music You Make

I don’t try and play too heavy to be honest and that’s maybe why I’ve lasted this long. I can’t really explain my sound? Some say its tech house.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

I think the music scene production wise is pretty healthy in some parts right now but I also have to wade through a lot of dirge each week via digital promo. This is partly down to the fact that everyone has access to making music themselves whoever they may be thanks to the evolution of Ableton and Logic & making music via your laptop. When I started out you were lucky if it didn’t cost you from £200-£1k to use a studio for 24 hours somewhere in London as it was relatively unheard off someone owning a studio in their house/shed/garage/loft space. In some ways it’s so much easier for a ‘muso’ to make it now due to social media and the fact a tune they’ve just made can be posted online via their Soundcloud, Facebook page and followers/fans have instant access to it? Which is great. One of the problems I would say they do face though is for a release to be out within a few months of creation due to various labels having such an extensive backlog of music to release it can take months and in some cases a couple of years(!) to find its way into the shops and on to Beatport, etc.

Clive Henry will hit Chinese Laundry on Saturday August23.

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