1. Growing Up

I used to live in this little place in north of Italy called Omegna, there was almost nothing there – a lake, couple of old tourists, two hotels and one club where they were playing shitty Italian pop music. My parents were against me making music since the beginning – they wanted me to become a dentist [but] now they’re happy about all the fights we had in the past. For sure, where I lived influenced me in doing music as I wanted to be different and music was the best way there… I [got in] a lot of trouble with people because of it but at the end I was right in [pursuing] this dream!

2. Inspirations

Everything inspires me. I’ve got a strong hip hop influence, and I think it’s not that difficult to understand it. I love J Dilla’s productions and sound so much – sometimes I spend the whole night just listening to his old school beat tapes. Amazing!

3. Your Crew

My first crew was a hip hop crew, Lacustre Clan – me, my best friend and a couple of other guys were really hoping to be the Italian Wu-Tang. That didn’t happen but we had so much fun! I get a lot of DJs/friends/producers coming in my house showing me the weirdest stuff [on the] internet or just listening to my latest productions… I love having people around me!

4. The Music You Make

I make music for myself first, it’s always a technical challenge to find a way to make the perfect ‘ghetto house’ track. I love making rap beats, instrumental weirdness, electronica and all the bumping beats that make Crookers recognisable … to have people having fun dancing is my goal.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

Right now I listen a lot of sloooow instrumental rap beats, almost ambient stuff to enjoy my house landscape, and thousands of mixtapes… luckily having two labels I have to listen to a lot of new amazing producers all day everyday. I [haven’t] even had time to check a lot of other stuff lately.

Courtyard Party feat. Crookers at Ivy on Sunday October 6.

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